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Summer Blist Blue Gin and Tonic

By Ana | Comments: 0 | December 2, 2017

Ingredients 1/2 tsp blue spirulina Unicorn Super Food powder 1 Shot of Gin or about 50-60 ml 1/4 cup of frozen raspberry 4 slices of cucumber 3 slices of organic grapefruit 1/2 of a large grapefruit 120 ml of tonic lite water Begin with adding the gin into a glass cup, follow by the tonic

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Unicorn Festival Frenzy

By Ana | Comments: 1 | November 21, 2017

One of the biggest fad and obsessions of 2017 is Unicorn AND HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE UNICORNS? I really believe in how it’s brought back this sense of imagination, magic and joy to children (AND ADULTS), So on the 19th of November hubby and I headed down to Dandenong Market for the Unicorn Festival!

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Yaring Thai Street Food

By Ana | Comments: 0 | November 15, 2017

Yaring Thai Street Food is located in the local strips of Mitcham. The restaurant is small, cosy and has a real homely feel. It was my first time trying takeout from Yaring Thai Street Food. and being a fussy Food blogger I have to say the service was incredible! We ordered during a busy time

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Son In Law

By Ana | Comments: 0 | October 27, 2017

Look what I got my hands on the #fairyfloss #milkshake @soninlaw_melb!!!  Recently I have been seeing a lot of interesting restaurants and of course any with Hello Kitty would catch my eye. So I set out to find out what this Son In Law was all about and had my eye on the goal… The Hello Kitty fairyfloss

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Woodstock Pizzicheria

By Ana | Comments: 1 | October 20, 2017

Woodstock Pizzicheria Woodstock are at four locations throughout Melbourne. with their flagship location at 63-67 Lygon Street in Brunswick. Recently they celebrated their newest location Chadstone Shopping Centers, first birthday. The restaurant has a range of traditional Sicilian Italian food, passed down from the owner Tony Cannata’s family. Food: 5/5 Parking: 5/5 Service: 5/5 This restaurant is perfect for those who

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Social Place

By Ana | Comments: 0 | April 4, 2017

    When we catch up relos and friends in Hong Kong, I always know they know where to take me! Being a foodie and always eating for the insta crazy creative food is definitely was I am always looking for! This restaurant is called Social Place, it specializes in creative eating and surprising your

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By Ana | Comments: 0 | August 9, 2016

Ain’t this the cutest meal you have ever seen??? After a LONG day of Pokemon hunting my fiance and I met up with his aunty and cousin for one of the most ‘EXTRA’ meals we have had in Hong Kong! This cutie Bento box was from JPOINT cafe in MongKok and THANK GOD for Google

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By Ana | Comments: 0 | August 3, 2016

  That’s right this place was called YUMCHA! Hong Kong just the place to be to really let your body go! You really can’t hide from all the amazing and creative foods. These bad boys are the famous lava buns (Green tea and salted yolk), BBQ bun, the bird is a pineapple bun and we

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