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Yarra Valley Cherries

By Ana | Comments: 0 | November 30, 2018


Last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to the Yarra Valley Cherry Season Lunch event. Learning a lot about the process on the farm, from picking and packaging the produce, to how they manage to protect the cherries from the birds using drones, to how they manage quality control. I honestly have a new found respect for the farmers and how much work, love and care they put in.

The Yarra Valley Cherry farm is not too far from Melbourne and although it is a littler further up the Yarra Valley region. I recommend taking the time to head over there. The quality of the cherries there are top notch and taste very different to what you would get normally. They are so sweet, juicy and keep well! A freshly picked bag could last you a while, as long as they haven’t been all eaten.

There are 40 different cherry varieties, such as Merchant, Stella, Lapin, Bing and more. They are ready by November through to early New Year, so there is plenty of time to head there before the season ends. You can order 2kg and 5kg boxes, with minimum purchase of five box per order and a small delivery fee. Once picked in the morning the cherries are then taken to a cool room and placed into our high definition electronic grading machine. Their state of the art equipment and sophisticated software, records 30 images of each cherry and classifying them by colour and size, and separates any damaged fruit. Therefore you are guarantee to get only the best quality cherries! They even have same day market access which insures the freshest fruit every time.  

I’m looking forward to the cherry season and going on a date with hubby to pick some more cherries.

585 Victoria Road, Seville, 3139
03 5964 4685



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