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Sassi Co Boxed Goodies

By Ana | Comments: 0 | November 26, 2018

So it’s that time of the year we need to start to think about giving and spending time with our love ones. Sometimes it’s not always possible to physically be there, so it’s nice to find other ways to let your friends or someone special know you are thinking of them. I personally have found these dessert delivery boxes so handy to send and I love receiving these boxes myself! It’s such a ‘sweet’ (no pun intended) and fun way to send a quick, personalised and thoughtful gift.  

Last week I received one, on a day which was much needed. I had recently had a number of sad news and been quiet stressed. It was exactly what I needed and really made my day! The donut bouquet was packaged so beautifully, I couldn’t help but to take photos to share with everyone!

I really love how the company Sassi Co Boxed Goodies can be customised and even my husband said he would love one sent to him. The price of these boxes are very reasonable too and my goodness the donuts from my bouquet tasted amazing. To order one of these boxes is very simple, just pop over to the website choose from the many choices of dessert Goodie Boxes, they range from custom boxes to vegan and even have gluten free options, and then add the items to the cart.

There is also free delivery for any purchases over $90, Free personalised message, you can also add an extra with your box and the boxes can also be delivered on the same day. Honestly I would recommend trying this style of gift giving! I grantee who ever receives it will love it!


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