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Australian Open AO Chef Series

By Ana | Comments: 0 | December 5, 2018

Who is ready for one of the biggest sport events in our beautiful Melbourne? AusOpen here we come!


For many years my favourite thing to do in January is to turn on the telly and watch the tennis with my family. Slowly as I grew older and could afford to buy tickets and I would go and watch the games in person. Now it’s become a tradition to watch the Australian Open and I have come to love watching the tennis.


Did you know that Australian Open is not only for those who are fans of Tennis but it’s also becoming known for it’s amazing foodie culture? In the recent years AO Chef Series has become more and more popular for visitors. The AO Chef Series showcases the incredible culinary skills of some of the talent world class Chef’s in Australia. It is designed to bring a personalised premium dining experience, which is located across from the arena’s in The Glasshouse. The Chef’s Series begins on the 14 of Jan and ends on the 25 of Jan 2019.


This years Australian Open 2019 featured chefs:


The Australian Open also has a variety of Fine Dining experiences which cater for those who prefer to eat in the on-site, restaurants such as BEIJING BETTY, Nobu, Rockpool, 88 Melbourne and Laneway Club. Be sure to book as some of these exclusive dining experiences are already sold out!

A variety of ticketing options are available to book click on the link below:



For those who are looking for something less exclusive but are a foodie like me, the 2019 Australian Open also had many food stations, grazing menus and a range of food and beverage options that are also available. So there is something for everyone!



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