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Son In Law

By Ana | Comments: 0 | October 27, 2017

Look what I got my hands on the #fairyfloss #milkshake @soninlaw_melb!!! 

Recently I have been seeing a lot of interesting restaurants and of course any with Hello Kitty would catch my eye. So I set out to find out what this Son In Law was all about and had my eye on the goal… The Hello Kitty fairyfloss milkshake!!! Given I was not going to the restaurant only for the drinks but also for the dining experience, food and to give a honest review on the restaurant as a whole I knew I had to rally up a team of foodie friends to help me!

When we first arrived we immediately ordered our TOTALLY EXTRA fairy floss milkshake drinks and jumped on to Instagram to choose the character we wanted, whilst also browsing the featured post to decide what to eat. Surprisingly the drinks didn’t take too long to come and the food was quiet delicious!

NOW lets give my final thoughts!

Food: 4/5

The proportions were good!

Parking: 3/5

Be patient and you can easily find free parking. TIP we went after 6pm and could park as long as we wanted to.

Service: 3/5

Staff were friendly, however at times it seemed that some of the waiters didn’t know their menu well and we got two different information about what we could eat on the fairy floss drinks.

Overall I would totally come back!



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