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By Ana | Comments: 0 | August 3, 2016


That’s right this place was called YUMCHA! Hong Kong just the place to be to really let your body go! You really can’t hide from all the amazing and creative foods. These bad boys are the famous lava buns (Green tea and salted yolk), BBQ bun, the bird is a pineapple bun and we also ordered fired noodles. This place was PACKED and is one of those restaurants that you need to go upstairs to find. You will find this in HK that there is an abundance of foodie places in the different levels of the high-rises. SO my advice is check out all the different levels before settling.

Food: 4/5 YUP it’s pretty entertaining, however not quiet filling

Service: 3/5 not great but considering they were busy it wasn’t too bad… we at least got a smile

Location: 3/5 can be hard to find

Price: 2/5 This place is pretty pricey for HK

Always check OPENRICE before hunting for restaurants in Hong Kong

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