Hello Kitty Yum Cha

By Ana | Comments: 1 | April 8, 2017

Hello Kitty Yum Cha! OMG I’m obsessed! Yes, yes I know I am an adult and I should have grown out of this phase BUT NOPE NOPE NOPE I still LOVE anything Hello Kitty and I don’t think this will change anytime soon! Now, did I think this place was worth going to? Did I think the price was good? The location? Would I come back? WELL… the location wasn’t great, it was in the middle of no where and was hard to find. Even my family who lives locally found it hard to find and to be honest we had to walk through a few dodgy parts of HK before we found the place. The food was pretty decent, some reviews said it wasn’t great so we were pacing ourselves but it was pretty comparable to other yumcha places in hk. Bare in mind that although we all felt it wasn’t bad, we did notice some food were better then others. Now pricing… to be honest I didn’t pay so I couldn’t really say much but I did have a glance at the menu and it wasn’t too expensive.

Food: 3/5

Service: 3/5

Location: 2/5

Price: 3/5

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