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Linger Patisserie Cafe

By Ana | Comments: 0 | January 4, 2018

I have been around the block in terms of cafes and I have to say Linger Patisserie Cafe has been one of my favorite. I just want say a big Thank you to the lovely manager for his incredible service! He didn’t know I food blog and I was treated with so much respect and kindness. I am a pretty fussy costumer and sometime request this that or whatever. So I really appreciate the patience I was given. Now I have been to Linger for two birthday cakes and for brunch. Each time the experience has been great! I have to say I have only been served by the Manger and I can’t say much about the other waiting staff. However my experience has been great every time. If you can tell I’m completely in love with the gorgeous cakes and I enjoyed the atmosphere, with the old church feel! 

With the larger cakes I preordered my husbands rubix cube cake and picked up my friends rabbit cake on the day I visited. Both times the manager was very helpful and allowed me to be the fussy person I am checking every inch of my cakes before leaving. The cakes were incredibly made, with the most intricate details and interesting flavours. My only problem with the rubix cube cake is that one of the cubes was a spicy chocolate flavour which my friends two year old son had. As you could imagine he didn’t enjoy the taste and we didn’t expect that flavour to be in the cake. I would highly suggest that particular flavour to be reviewed, as we felt it really spoiled the fun of the cake and no one enjoyed the taste. 

My sister and I also come for morning tea/ brunch and we loved the latte art! I’m huge matcha tea lover so I usually like to test out the matcha lattes at cafes. The matcha latte has the most adorable Hello Kitty latte art and the nailed the taste. It wasn’t too watery or milky, it was just right for me. The additional cakes we had were amazing we ordered one coconut cake and a rose mango mousse, both were delicious and fun to eat.

I’m looking forward to seeing the future wonderful creations to come and would definitely be keeping an eye out of them.

I highly recommend visiting this adorable #patisserie!!!

Service 5/5
Food 4/5 would like to see more vegan, gluten and catering for other dietary requirements
Parking 4/5 loved there was free parking and no limits!!!
Price 3/5 It is a bit pricey, however not completely unreasonble. 

Another thing I have to mention was that this is a really child friendly place! Plenty if space for little ones and prams Really appreciate that touch! 



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