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Bubble Cup Dreams Series

By Ana | Comments: 0 | December 30, 2017

Bubble Cup was all the rage when I was teenager, it was that afternoon drink we would all be longing for during school. My favourtie flavour was the old school milk tea with pearls mMm yummy! I also loved anything durian flavoured… YEAP I’m one of those Asians ^^ Since my high school days there has been many different drink fads coming and going so I’m glad to see Bubble cup coming up with fun flavours.

I recently came across their newest Dream series, which uses the butterfly pea powder as their hero of the drinks. I love using butterfly pea powder in my food and so I was excited to see that it was being used in drinks I can just buy and take away.

The three flavours available are Twilight, Moonlight and Blue skies.

Twilight has kumquat, green tea, blue tea, and aiya jelly. The Moonlight consist of lemonade, blue tea and aloe jelly. Finally the last flavour which is my personal favourite is the Blue skies which is a combination of brown sugar, fresh milk, blue tea and herbal jelly.

A small cup cost $4.50 and to be honest I would totally buy is that price for that size. I don’t think you need to upgrade the size to the large as I did find it was quiet filling already. However I really enjoyed the drink and would highly recommend to try before it’s discontinued.

Taste 5/5

Price 3/5 it’s a fair price, however I would have loved the price to be $3.50

Service 2/5 I didn’t feel the service was the best and the lady serving me didn’t speak great english, which as a result had some issues with my order.

Location 3/5 I bought mind at Box Hill so in terms of location it’s pretty good.


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