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Hash Specialty Coffee @ Camberwell

By Ana | Comments: 1 | January 16, 2018

I find the harshest critics has to be children! If you ever want the honest truth you need to ask a child! So on my foodie adventure this week I took my girl friend and her son to the famous Hash Specialty Coffee in Camberwell. NOW if you have been browsing the web you would know that they are famous for their funky fairyfloss hot chocolate! And BOY the little man jump to order it with his eye lit up when he saw how amazing the drink looked! Hashtag… SUGAR HIGH! #notmykid

What were our thoughts? WELL… I am all about having my food look like artworks on a plate! I really felt the nailed it on the head and not only visually appealing, all dishes tasted equally amazing. Although of course we had favourites! We ordered lattes, cold drip coffee, hash iced chocolate, has hot chocolate, almond milk pannacotta, French toast bacon croissant and the Aapork. According to our seven year old food critic, he loved the everything! His favourite was the iced chocolate and the Aapork, he also liked the panacotta saying he enjoyed it because it was like jelly and he loved crunching the honeycomb in his mouth. #WINNING!

Both my girl friend and I would love to see in the future, possibly some kid friendly meals or even the option of small dishes more tailored for children. The cafe is very spacious, open and has plenty of room for a pram. Finding a car spot is very easy and most parking was at least for two hours. The staff were incredibly nice and gave really good suggestions on what to order, especially because the little man had a some dietary requirements we needed to consider. (note: This has not always been easy for us in the past, as we have been to some cafes who wouldn’t even bother with us because of his restrictions)

All in all I thought this was a great place for breaky, brunch or lunch! I would come back to visit and I would recommend checking out the CBD cafe too!

Parking/transport 4/5

Price 4/5

Service 5/5

Food 5/5

Almond Milk Pannacotta $17.50

French Toast Bacon Croissant $18.50

Appork $26.50 (the crowd fav)

Lattes $3.80

Hash Hot Chocolate $6


Hash Iced Chocolate $6.50

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