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Secret Kitchen

By Ana | Comments: 0 | June 20, 2018


Recently hubby and I decided to try Secret Kitchen in Glen Waverley. We have passed this place before and finally had the chance to pop by. It has the tradition Chinese restaurant vibe with an urban twist. Even in the busy Central City Walk, hubs and I could have a peaceful and romantic evening. There is also easy access for those in wheelchairs and prams, which I really appreciate.

Parking is extremely easy to find, it is also very close to the train station and bus stops. Generally parking is 1-3hours, so you would have plenty of time to sit and enjoy your meal.

We ordered the traditional Peking duck, crispy calamari in spicy salt and pepper, lettuce cup with chicken and another with duck, the pork belly with preserved vegetables. For dessert we ordered deep fried durian puff and deep fried ice cream. Personally I enjoyed the crispy calamari and the juicy and saucy pork belly with a bowl of rice to balance the strong flavours. I loved both desserts and would definitely order them again!

Overall we really enjoyed our meal and are looking forward to trying their yum cha À la cart menu!

Traditional Peking duck – $10.80

Crispy calamari in spicy salt and pepper -$13.40

Lettuce cup – chicken and duck – $8.80

Hot pot – pork belly with preserved vegetables – $26.80

Deep fried durian puff – $10.80

Deep fried ice cream – $9.80

Parking/transport 4/5

Price 4/5

Service 4/5

Food 4/5

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